Who: This is open to all Parker University students, regardless of program of study or degree level.

What: Learning Consultations are a way for you to get personalized attention outside of your academic areas. This isn’t a meeting based on content, but rather, it is a meeting about you as a learner. Walk away with specific study strategies and suggestions for how to boost your performance in any academic area and build a foundation to be a lifelong learner.

When: Please schedule an appointment with Ashley Long, the Coordinator of Learning Resources by emailing her at along@parker.edu. Be prepared with some dates/times that will work for you.

Where: Ashley is located on the second floor of the East Building, with the DC faculty offices.

How: This will help you with your success by giving you a scheduled time to talk about your learning preferences, current strategies, and areas you can focus on to maximize your learning while at Parker University. It is recommended that you complete the LASSI (see previous post here) prior to the meeting so there is a good foundation for discussion.

Why: Because you are already paying for it! This service has no additional cost to Parker University students. So what not take advantage of this opportunity? Plus, you should gain a better understanding of your role as a learner, how to incorporate active learning strategies into your daily study sessions, and how to increase effectiveness without increasing study time.


Schedule an appointment with Ashley today!